I am very excited to document my hackathon experiences in this blog post. While I used to think it is sufficient to just store the hackathon war stories and pictures on Google Drive, I've decided to showcase the contents in a blog post.

Hence, the birth of hackathon commits. 👋

#DeveloperWeek 2015

Mentor: "Where did you push the code?"

** it's here on the desktop **

Mentor: "Yeah, but where did you puuuuuush the code?!"

(Curtis, Louis, John, Cyrus, Chris)

#Emirates Travel Hackathon 2015 🏅

GitHub — src

(Can, Chris, Yoke, Rensen)

#Integrate 2015

GitHub — src

(Yoke, Cyrus, Can, Chris)

#HackingEDU 2015

(Can, Yoke, Chris, Cyrus, Rensen)

#Opportunity Hack 2015

GitHub — src

(Jyothi, Can, Cyrus, Chris)

While getting ready to pitch to the judges at PayPal HQ (Can, Cyrus)

#AngelHack SF 2016 🏅

GitHub — src

We aimed for it, we worked for it, and we earned it.

We won the Most Innovative Cognitive Computing Solution. Read our write up on Chris Wong's blog

#NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017

GitHub — src

Facebook Live by Space Apps team

(Max, Cyrus, Erik, Mike)

#UberHacks 2017

Devpost — src
GitHub — src

Setting up the tables at Uber HQ

(Imre, Cyrus)

(Imre, Andy, Cyrus)

Group Photo

#ETHSanFrancisco 2018 🏅

Devpost — src
GitHub — src

(Brian, Felix, Kerman, Paul, Alex, Cyrus, Inje)

#HackDavis 2019

Mentor 🐮

(Michelle, Cyrus)

Group Photo

#Y Combinator Spring Hackathon 2019

Devpost — src

3-way merge! 💀😂

(Drew Machat, 🤗, Flavius Popescu, Alonso Holmes)

Post-pitch beer session

#DeFi Hackathon @ sfbw 2019

Built https://hackathon.sfblockchainweek.io

Cosmos 🌌

This post will be updated after every hackathon commit 🤗

Hack on! 🚀 (11/05/2019)