Hackathon Commits

December 1, 2018 3 min read

I am very excited to document my hackathon experiences in this blog post. While I used to think it is sufficient to just store the hackathon war stories and pictures on Google Drive, I've decided to showcase the contents in a blog post.

Hence, the birth of hackathon commits. 👋

DeveloperWeek 2015

Mentor: "Where did you push the code?"

it's here on the desktop

Mentor: "Yeah, but where did you puuuuuush the code?!"

(Curtis, Louis, John, Cyrus, Chris)

Emirates Travel Hackathon 2015

🏅 GitHub

(Can, Chris, Yoke, Rensen)

Integrate 2015


(Yoke, Cyrus, Can, Chris)

HackingEDU 2015

(Can, Yoke, Chris, Cyrus, Rensen)

Opportunity Hack 2015 GitHub


(Jyothi, Can, Cyrus, Chris)
While getting ready to pitch to the judges at PayPal HQ (Can, Cyrus)

AngelHack SF 2016 🏅


We aimed for it, we worked for it, and we earned it. We won the Most Innovative Cognitive Computing Solution. Read our write up on Chris Wong's blog.

NASA Space Apps Challenge 2017


(Max, Cyrus, Erik, Mike)

UberHacks 2017


Setting up the tables at Uber HQ
(Imre, Cyrus)
(Imre, Andy, Cyrus)
Group Photo

ETHSanFrancisco 2018

🏅 Devpost

(Brian, Felix, Kerman, Paul, Alex, Cyrus, Inje)

HackDavis 2019 Mentor 🐮

(Michelle, Cyrus)
Group Photo

Y Combinator Spring Hackathon 2019


3-way merge! 💀😂

(Drew Machat, 🤗, Flavius Popescu, Alonso Holmes)
Post-pitch beer session

DeFi Hackathon @ sfbw 2019

Built https://hackathon.sfblockchainweek.io

Cosmos 🌌

This post will be updated after every hackathon commit 🤗

Hack on! 🚀 (11/05/2019)